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  1. In the email you receive like the one above you must click: use this confirmation link.
  2. This is to validate your email address on our system and will be used to authenticate you when you login.
  3. If for some reason you don't see the link this will be a issue with your email client. Some email clients are set not to allow clickable links until - you confirm that you know the email is from a 'safe' sender.
  4. If you are unable to overcome this issue we can overide the system and confirm it manually. Please send us a email or telephone us and we can do it manually. This will then authenticate your email as your login.
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  • This is a manual process done at our end, and is a manual change to your account permissions.
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Account activation

  1. We receive your request for a account we will be able to activate it.
  2. If you are unable to confim your email for some reason this will be a issue with your email client (outlook, hotmail, gmail etc). Some email clients by default need you to confirm that the email is 'Safe'. We are able to manually confirm this for you if you are unable to do this. Please contact us if you need this doing.
  3. We may contact you regarding you request for a online account.
  4. Once we 'activate' your account you will automatically receive a email confirming your account is activate and you will be able to see the prices.
  5. If you wish to contact us about your account activation please feel fee.
  6. One activated you will be able to order in the usual way.