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Payment security

Page detailing payment. and security.

We have several methods available for you to pay for your goods.

Cash | Cheque | BACS |  Telephone | Online transaction


We accept payment by cash only at our warehouse location.


Please let us know if you are paying through sending us a cheque so we can process your payment.

BACS (Direct bank transfere)

Please let us know if you have paid through BACS so we can verify the payment received.


We have the facility to process the payment over the phone. Please be aware that we will ask you for your card details and registered address.

Online transaction

We have linked with 'Worldpay' payment system for online transactions.

The beckiboosales website knows what you have ordered and what you have paid for through integration.

During the process of the payment you are 'redirected to 'Worldpay'. And then once you complete the transaction you are returned back to us. We do not store your card details and we don't process any payment. We just know you have paid and we then get your payment through 'Worldpay'.

If you are concerned about paying online through 'Worldpay' please click this link for further information.




If you are in any way concerned any part of the payment process please feel free to contact us.